Our supporters

We are extremely grateful to the hundreds of organisations, charities, councils
and businesses across the country who put on amazing events, donate gifts and
funding, and volunteer their time to celebrate older people in our communities
every Silver Sunday.

“Silver Sunday is a day that everybody can support and get involved in. Local people should knock on their neighbours’ doors, as well as visiting friends and family, to make sure that this special day is recognised in all streets and communities. This is a special day for older people to get involved in community events and activities to bring back some of the traditional community spirit. It’s also a small thank you for your contribution to society.”

Joanna Lumley

Actress, Presenter and Author

“I feel really energised because I’ve had incredible conversations with so many interesting people, and I’ve noticed that just bringing everyone together to a neutral place of interest allows everyone just to connect, of all ages. I think it’s really important to connect older people to the community. We’re missing out on a huge amount of fun and wisdom if we’re not connected to people older than us… I think what Silver Sunday is doing is vital – it’s stepping into a void and filling it up again.”

Will Young

Singer-songwriter, Special guest at the Science Museum Silver Sunday event

“It is so important that older people feel included in London’s communities. That is why I support Silver Sunday and hope that you all have a wonderful time celebrating the valuable contributions older people make. These contributions span not just London but up and down the UK. In a city as large as London there is no need for older people to ever feel lonely, but sadly some do. As Mayor, I want to make sure that everyone is engaged and active in their community – young or older.”

Sadiq Khan

Mayor of London

“Whether you are an elderly resident who is feeling isolated and want a chance to make some new friends, or you would like to meet some new people, then a Silver Sunday event is a great opportunity to do exactly that.

“We have so many great local communities in Loughborough, Shepshed and the surrounding villages that make such fantastic communities to live in and be a part of, so I cannot wait to see how residents will come together for Silver Sunday events throughout the constituency.”

Jane Hunt MP

Member of Parliament for Loughborough, Shepshed, Quorn, Barrow, Sileby, Hathern, Mountsorrel Castle and the Wolds villages

“Silver Sunday is a fantastic initiative. Far too many people experience loneliness as they get older, something I have seen first-hand in Fylde.

I know that community can make such a huge difference in combatting this, with initiatives playing a key role in bridging generational divides and helping form lasting friendships.”

Mark Menzies MP

Member of Parliament for Fylde


Silver Sunday