I took part because I wanted to meet new people. I think Silver Sunday is excellent for older people who may be sitting at home, isolated so they can go out.

We are probably the ones with the most time on our hands; it’s good to know people are looking after us

You can mix with other people and widen your horizons at events like this. I don’t have people to go out with so it’s good to mix with new people in the daytime.

It’s good to find different things to do instead of being stuck at home. If you don’t have anywhere to go you tend to think: ‘I can’t be bothered to go out’ and get stuck indoors.



It’s a great way to engage with local residents who might not already use the centre.

Seymour Leisure Centre

The majority of people who attended had not engaged with us before. I spoke to at least two people who said that they never leave the house.

Tea tasting and jewellery making with Bluebird Care

Silver Sunday provides a focus on older people in our communities. It’s a day where all the community comes together to celebrate older people on our estate. The people who attended were truly grateful

Tea Dance at Lillington Gardens

We reconnected with residents who we had lost contact with.

St Anne’s Church