16 October 2023

Collecting for our bug hotel

We will be creating a bug hotel as part of our green projects, and will need lots of natural items to put into it.

While you’re out for a walk or run, or clearing your garden, please collect: bamboo canes, hollow twigs, pine cones, conkers, pine needles, scraps of sheep’s wool, acorns… anything that can create nooks and crannies for insects to shelter or nest.

We would also like to make smaller bug hotels for GGers’ own garden or allotment. For this, we’ll need containers, such as metal baskets, cutlery racks, grill pans, wooden boxes, metal draining boards, small wine racks ….. think of anything that could have twigs or pine cones pushed into it, with sufficient openings for insects to crawl in. Ask, if you need advice about suitable containers.

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