Event ideas

Whether you are a large charity, local organisation or you just have an older neighbour who you would like to show your appreciation for, the opportunities for Silver Sunday activities are endless.

Below is a list of ideas to get you started thinking about what could work well, some of which have previously proven popular.

Special events

Get creative and host a one-off spectacular:

  • Take over a restaurant or shopping centre with a Silver Sunday ‘Flashmob’ routine
  • Attempt a world record for the biggest ever afternoon tea or conga line
  • Hold an all-day bingo-a-thon
  • Host a Strictly Come Dancing contest with a local dance group
  • Ask a local school to make ‘Silver Sunday’ cards and organise a visit to a local care home to deliver them
  • Organise an outdoor silver film screening
  • Host a Bake-Off with a ‘Silver Sunday Showstopper’ competition and invite a local celebrity to be a guest judge
  • Hold a ‘Great British Sewing Bee’ competition with a ‘Make Do and Mend’ theme
  • Host a competition – ask the local scouts or cadets to design a Silver Sunday card / poem / song and offer a prize for the winner
  • Have a 60s themed disco

Make it seasonal

Think about other events that are happening in October and Autumn, for example:

  • Host a Thanksgiving themed lunch with turkey and all the trimmings
  • Run a Halloween-themed craft class to make decorations or outfits
  • Offer a Diwali cookery class
  • Organise a ‘How To Make Christmas Pudding’ workshop
  • Host an ‘X Factor’ karaoke competition

Wine and dine

Hold a themed lunch/brunch or cookery class:

  • Host a Mad Hatters Tea Party
  • Organise a Cheese and Wine event
  • Offer a cooking class such as ‘How to Make Pad Thai’ or ‘Basic Cooking Skills’
  • Hold a Sausage and Mash lunch
  • Have a special prosecco picnic
  • Ask a local pub to host a Silver Sunday Quiz and Sunday Roast lunch
  • Host a chocolate tasting party


Quieter activities could be followed with a free cup of tea to add a social element:

  • Ask a local beauty salon or hairdresser to offer mini treatments such as hand and arm massages, manicures or haircuts
  • Hold a meditation/prayer session
  • Offer Pilates or Yoga classes


Take a trip

Organise a trip to an interesting place or landmark, such as:

  • The seaside
  • A farm/zoo
  • Gardens
  • A castle or monument
  • National Trust sites
  • Ask a local theatre, cinema or museum if they can offer free tickets for senior citizens


Arts and crafts

Activities which offer a chance to be creative are always popular:

  • Offer a life drawing class
  • Hold a ‘pottery for beginners’ session
  • Host a ‘Make a 1920s flapper headpiece’ workshop
  • Learn how to screen-print a t-shirt
  • Organise a ‘How to Make Bunting’ or ‘How to Make a Pom Pom’ class (Youtube has some great tutorials for beginners if you are not an expert)
  • Hold a colouring-in session to make a group Silver Sunday artwork
  • Run a ‘Calligraphy Basics’ class

Get sporty

Activities which encourage guests to get active can have a number of benefits. You could:

  • Hold a crazy golf tournament
  • Organise a team distance challenge, e.g. ‘Row to Loch Ness’ on a rowing machine, or ‘Jog to Big Ben’ on a treadmill
  • Host a game of walking football at a local football ground
  • Go rambling
  • Get some pom poms and choreograph a fun cheerleading routine
  • Run swimming or bicycle lessons
  • Have a team darts competition
  • Offer a Tai Chi class
  • Get active with a Wii bowling or tennis competition
  • Learn to salsa lessons
  • Have a croquet match
  • Organise a cycle ride along a local river
  • Offer a fitness class such as Zumba or Aqua Aerobics

Popular party themes:

  • Hollywood/Oscars
  • 1930s
  • 1940s
  • Rock ‘n’ roll
  • The Royals
  • Country and Western
  • Circus
  • Lipstick and Pearls
  • Masquerade Ball
  • Pearly Kings and Queens
  • Mods and Rockers
  • Beatles and Stones
  • Cockney
  • Bollywood


Learn a new skill

Practical training classes could include:

  • Run an I.T session such as ‘Learn how to use Facebook’ or ‘Smartphones for Beginners’
  • Offer basic literacy/numeracy classes
  • Host an acting workshop
  • Offer self-defence talk or workshop
  • Organise an ‘Ask the Master’ session where older people can show younger people a key skill, such as sewing or bookbinding

Keep it simple

Something simple which shows your appreciation for an older person can also make a huge difference:

  • Bake a Silver Sunday cake and deliver it an older neighbour
  • Write them a card
  • Pop in and see them for a cup of tea
  • Invite them for lunch or dinner
  • Have a coffee morning at a local café

Do you have more ideas which you would like to share with us? Let us know at info@silversunday.org.uk.