Celebrating Silver Sunday

the National Day for Older People

4 October 2020

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Celebrating our older community

Changing the story around loneliness

Bringing people together

Silver Sunday Stories

Scouts, Silver Sunday & Skills for Life

Scouts, Silver Sunday & Skills for Life

"Thank you very much for a really lovely afternoon’s tea party yesterday. Mary and I had a really good time talking to all your lovely cubs. We were very impressed with how mature and grown up they were and their kindness to us oldies, you should be very proud of...

Winter & Dementia

Winter & Dementia

For someone living with dementia, incorporating seasons into activities can help to spark memories and improve overall wellbeing.

Silver Swans

Silver Swans

We celebrated Silver Sunday with a Silver Swans® ballet class for the over 55s in Bury, Lancashire.

“I feel I am living again. Thank you.”

“More of these would be beneficial as that was the only time I meet up with people and socialise otherwise I pace up and down indoors”

“Thanks for this short bright moment in a very gloomy world.”

“The volunteers instil pride in us for their generosity and good nature”.

“So happy and cheerful and elegant. It is so nice to see elderly people enjoying themselves.”

“I didn’t know that so many people cared.”

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