9 October 2019 @ 12:00 pm

Acocks Green Men in Shed

We are a group of men in the process of setting up a community Shed at Acocks Green forum. Widely known as ‘Men’s Sheds’, these initiatives have been popping up everywhere around the country and we’ve decided it’s about time Acocks Green had one too!

So what is a Men’s shed? The original idea of the Shed movement was to try to reach out to mainly older men who may be in danger of suffering from loneliness and isolation. This could be due to a whole host of reasons such as feeling at a loose end after retirement or suffering the emotional consequences of separation or bereavement. It was and is widely acknowledged that many, though not all man are not as adept as women at reaching out and tend not to talk with others in times of need. The community Shed was therefore seen as a way of dealing with this challenge.

Acocks Green Men’s Shed is currently open to visitors and members on Wednesday afternoon from 12.00-3.00. Please pop along for a tour and a cuppa! Women are welcome too!

Contact : Peter Travis: 07783 550851
email: pt1pt1pt1@yahoo.co.uk

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