4 October 2023

Car Free Sunday Event in the Mystery

[Love Wavertree](https://www.lovewavertree.com/) is a social enterprise doing amazing work in Wavertree to help improve the neighbourhood through a wide variety of projects and support, including the fabulous Reloved Charity shop with all the proceeds going straight back into the community projects.

They are restarting their Car Free Sunday events that were really popular before the pandemic, promoting active travel, clear air, and community cohesion.

This first one in September will be held in the Mystery (the park next to Wavertree Aquatics Centre) and will have stalls with local sellers and crafts, as well as activities and a chance for the neighbourhood to come together.

We’ll have a small stall to give us a chance to chat with people and share all our fabulous work, and to encourage people to come and join us! And through the event we’ll be doing a spot of Litter Picking too, and will be joined by Litter Clear Volunteer & Penny Lane Wombles towards the end of the day who will clear up the last of the litter while we help the Lover Wavertree team take the stalls down and clear up.

It should be a really fun day and a great chance for us to spread the word about GoodGym while helping out with this fab event. The more of us the merrier!

The event runs from 10am-4pm so it’s a long day and we’re not expecting everyone to be able to do the full day, so just say in the comments below what times you can make, ideally we’ll need a bunch of us at the end so we can really help with taking all the stalls down!

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GoodGym is over 18s. Please sign up through the GoodGym website before attending


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