2 October 2023 @ 2:00 pm

Friendly Mini Chat Group Online with topics

Please drop in & try our friendly online group with icebreaker topics, easy conversation & fun and opinions all round! Our group meets regularly online, on a Monday to keep up social connections, share ideas and info and make new friends. We meet on zoom, we have a facilitator who gives random topics & its open to all of the Uk. Meet people online by video, from various places around British Isles & you can effortlessly & safely join in.
If you like it, you can continue weekly or try our other groups.
If you are nervous or need extra help to get on zoom – just let us know & we will help you join.
It would be lovely to have you join us, you will receive a warm welcome. We run an online / virtual & phone service to help people connect across the UK.

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Getting Together Admin Team


We register people for safety purposes on the groups. Your details do not get shared, first name only if you prefer & you can join our other activities if you wish. Our activities are usually run by volunteers so its free for members & we are part of Volunteering Matters National Charity. Feel free to join as a member or volunteer or both!!

Getting together Matters Admin Team

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