4 October 2020 @ 5:30 pm

Fun Palaces Online Ceilidh

All welcome to join our informal, zoom-based ceilidh where you’re welcome to celebrate the end of the 1000 Tiny Fun Palaces 2020 weekend!

In truly ceilidh style, we’ll be looking for songs, stories, jokes, facts, favourite creative activities, showing off of things you’ve grown, built, cooked or made…and maybe even things you learnt and tried from the Fun Palaces weekend itself to share around the virtual kitchen along with some music and even a virtual Canadian Barn dance or two with Science Ceilidh!

This event will not be live-streamed and private, and welcome to everyone from anywhere (let’s take full advantage of being online!) – Fun Palaces makers from this year, previous years or just anyone who just like a good ol’ (virtual) knees up.

Bring your own a cup of tea and biscuits (or something a wee bit stronger) and join us!

More information about the Fun Palaces campaign here and see what else is going on over the weekend on our map!


If you’re in Scotland, find out what’s going on with Fun Palaces Scotland TV (and maybe still get involved and certainly watch!)

Event details

Art, History, Music, Tea/Coffee, Dance, Technology, Craft



Science Ceilidh and Fun Palaces



Silver Sunday