12 October 2017 @ 3:00 pm

Laughter Yoga

Join Claremont Project and Eva Provedel (Joy Coach, Trainer, Facilitator and Speaker, and a Laughter Yoga Teacher & Ambassador) for a fantastic, interactive Laughter Yoga workshop for people aged 55 and over. The focal point of this practice is to “laugh for no reason”, thus developing our internal spirit of joy as an important tool to deal with life’s challenges and imbalances.

Exercises include stimulated laughter which quickly becomes spontaneous and is shared amongst participants. Typically at the end of a laughter yoga session, participates feedback includes feeling relaxed, joyful, open, liberated and connected.

About the facilitator:
Originally from Italy, Eva started spreading laughter since 2010 and regularly organises workshops at companies, universities, festivals and for the public. She has also pioneered laughing on public transport, such as the tube. Eva strongly believes in cultivating the spirit of laughter to improve our lifestyle and mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Find Eva on FaceBook at “Eva Provedel” and “Eva Laughter Yoga”!

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