6 October 2021 @ 10:00

Open Age Art Translation

Artist Julie Bloom translates emotions & experiences people have into a piece of abstract art. She does this either via phone or in person, the process takes ten minutes. She interprets what she hears and explains the drawing immediately afterwards. She paints it later in watercolour & acrylic gifting them a copy of the finished painting. The feedback she has received for the paintings she has done so far has brought a lot of joy as people have felt ‘Heard’, one of the most important gifts we can as humans give to one another.

The Paintings will be shown later this year in an Exhibition as well as a book, with participants choosing to be as visible or anonymous as they like. She will be taking audio of those people who would like to be more involved in this project who may share their story or testimony spoken in their own languages for the video/documentary she is making.

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New Horizons CentreLondon SW3 2PF



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