8 September 2020 @ 8:00 am

#SilverShowbiz Dance Challenge

Open Age and dance company Step Change Studios have teamed up to bring you a Silver Sunday Dance Challenge: #SilverShowbiz. Taking inspiration from the classic musical ‘Singing in the Rain’, Step Change Studios have created this dance routine to ‘Good Morning’. We’re inviting you to send us a video of you dancing the routine. We’re then going to bring the different videos together into a single montage of our community dancing together. #SilverShowbiz is for anyone over 50 who enjoys a lighthearted, fun challenge. We have also produced a slower instruction video of the routine: https://youtu.be/kmKtkuZ9Tqg

To become a part of this exciting montage, please read the important information below:
• Please send your video to us by 12 midday, Friday 18th September. We won’t be able to include it after this date.
• Please film in ‘Landscape’ (horizontal) format if possible. Make sure you are not back-lit (avoid filming with the light behind you), so that we can see you.
• By sending your video, you are consenting for it to be published online as part of a film montage to celebrate Silver Sunday.
• Feel free to dress up for your video if you like. We’d love to see you having fun and showing us your personality.
• You don’t have to have dance experience to take part. This is for anyone over 50 who enjoys a lighthearted, fun challenge.
• You can perform this dance wherever you like – you just need a stable chair, and a clear space with no hazards.
• Copy the dance in a way that works for you. For example instead of kicks you can do toe taps; move your arms, head and body within a comfortable range.
• Check the background in your video to make sure there is nothing inappropriate, or any photos of people that might not want to be in the shot.
• The version of the song we are using is from Tommy Steele’s production (original cast recording, 1984).
• If you have any questions, please email Jenny Marshall on jmarshall@openage.org.uk or call Jade Dalton on 07799 369741

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