The question we are asked most frequently is “please can we have more events near me” and we need your help answering this one!

Here are some other frequently asked questions which we hope might be useful. Of course, we also welcome all questions via info@SilverSunday.org.uk, as well as our social media channels @SilverSundayUK.

Does my Silver Sunday event have to be held on Silver Sunday itself?

No, we welcome events before and after the day itself. Often people are very grateful to attend multiple events near to them. Choose dates which best suit you and your audience. The vast majority of events fall in October but we do welcome events year round.

Is Silver Sunday the same as Older People’s Day and Grandparent’s Day?

We like to celebrate all older people, not just those in our families. The United Nation’s Day of Older Persons (1st October) is an international awareness day which aims to highlight issues affecting the elderly, such as elder abuse. We founded Silver Sunday in 2012 to encourage organisations and individuals around the UK to organise uplifting and inspiring events and activities.

Who is Silver Sunday run by?

Silver Sunday was conceived in 2012 by The Lady (Christabel) Flight, who at the time was a trustee of the Sir Simon Milton Foundation, and it was run by the Foundation for many years.

In 2024, Age UK took on the campaign. Through its network of local Age UKs and its event expertise, the charity plans to grow Silver Sunday, which saw over 2,000 events taking place across the UK in 2023, and create more opportunities for older people who are feeling lonely or isolated.

Is there a specific age range for Silver Sunday events?

No, but some hosts like to specify events are for 50+, 60+ or 65+ to limit numbers. Ideally all our Silver Sunday events would be open to anyone and everyone.

We already have events planned for October – can we register them on your website?

Yes please do. In return we ask that you mention Silver Sunday and use our logo in your marketing materials. Silver Sunday is also a hub for connecting people with existing services and activities in their local area. Silver Sunday is also a very popular ‘theme’ for social events or programmes adding a special celebratory twist.

Can I put my own spin on Silver Sunday?

Yes! Just look at #SilverSundayUK – all Silver Sunday events are so very different which is why they are so special to attend!

Can we charge guests for tickets?

The vast majority of our events are free to make them as welcoming, open and inclusive to all older people. Occasionally we are happy for organisers to ask for a small donation to cover running costs.

Can you help with funding?

We cannot currently help with funding. We advise organisers to contact their local councils or search online for local groups who may be able to help with money and volunteers. Businesses are often willing to provide venues, activities, resources, food and helpers too. Occasionally we hear about funding opportunities and will include this in our newsletters and social feeds.

Do we need insurance?

We advise all organisers to check they have public liability insurance before running an event to protect you if members of the public suffer personal injury or property damage.

What help can you give to event organisers?

Visit our resources page for downloadable posters, invitations, logos, social media resources, event decorations and so on. We update this page from time to time so do keep popping back. Do remember to register your events on our national map so people can find out about what you’re up to too.

Do you help promote the events?

When you register your event on our website it will create an event page, which you can share online. It will also be added to our searchable Event Map and listings page, which is heavily used by older people and carers in the run up to Silver Sunday. We have also created a number of free online resources to help you spread the word.

Can we use the Silver Sunday logo?

Yes! We ask all organisers to use our logo across your marketing materials. It is available in different formats on our website.

We are hugely grateful to you and all of the organisations who have pledged to take part in Silver Sunday this year and find creative ways to bring the joy of Silver Sunday to thousands of older people and we look forward to seeing your ideas come to life this October!

Please get in touch at info@silversunday.org.uk if you have any further questions we can help with.


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