Think Local: Local Community Inspiration

Some local authorities and organisations fully embrace Silver Sunday creating local ‘hot spot’ clusters of events and activities on our Event Map. Some are a result of a Local Authority working in partnership with one main organisation, others with a variety of local businesses, charities, community groups and individuals to host a diverse collection of events. Some are entirely community-led.

As well as being able to reach a much greater proportion of the older population, the spectrum of events and activities cater to the varying needs and interests of the older generation – from active sports to entertainment for the house-bound. Older people are given more opportunities to keep their minds and bodies active, learn new skills, make new friends and connect with the communities and generations around them – our Silver Sunday aim. For some older people, Silver Sunday helps open new doors to new people and new possibilities.

Here are some great examples of full calendars of events created in some areas of the UK in 2018:

Can you help us inspire your local council authority or other organisations to get involved?

As Silver Sunday grows every year we see our ‘Event Map’ covering more and more of the country. We are particularly keen to grow our coverage in 2019 in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the South West of England. We are very grateful for any help in spreading the word.