Pilates on Mat

This FREE event is focused on joint mobility, muscle strength and stretching and strengthening through the wisdom of Joseph Pilates’ work. Each exercise will take you to lifetime journey to experience what it means for the 8 principles of the Pilates Method. Those are known as A-B-C’s of Pilates such as Alignment, Breathing, Control, Centring, Co-ordination, Precision, Flow, Harmony.

This event for anyone. The exercises are designed for anyone who suffers from injuries to their back, neck, shoulder, hip or knee issues, etc

The instructor Serap Erbas has a master level in Pilates from an internationally recognised school BASI Pilates and Advance level in Yoga, Master in Reiki as well as has certificates in Breath technique, meditation and Lower back pain specialist. She has opened Equipment Pilates studio 3 years ago, 2 min walk from Bayswater station. More information please check the web site on www.pilates4you.co.uk

The event will take place on Pilates4you Studio and the duration of the session will be an hour.

We have mats in the studio. All you have to is attend to the class time.

If you have any specific questions regarding the session please e-mail Serap at serap@pilates4you.co.uk


Silver Sunday