Centenary of the burial of the Unknown Warrior

This year, 11th November 2020 marks the centenary of the burial of the Unknown Warrior. Silver Sunday founder, Christabel Flight and Chief Executive of the Sir Simon Milton Foundation, Matthew Sykes have been working closely with Westminster City Council on a special project to commemorate the Centenary.

In partnership with Westminster City Council, the Military Wives Choirs have recorded “Abide with Me”, which was sung at the burial service 100 years ago and was the first ever electronic recording released to the public. Alongside this, they have released a documentary with rarely seen footage, which will help to re-tell the story of the Unknown Warrior and keep his memory alive.

Councillor Rachael Robathan, Leader of Westminster City Council, said: “As you may be aware, 11th November 2020 marks the centenary of the burial of the Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abbey, an extraordinarily poignant and significant event that represented the sacrifice of all those who lost their lives in the Great War and their families. This has particular resonance for us in Westminster as the body of the Unknown Warrior was brought from France to Victoria Station and from there followed a ceremonial route through the streets of Westminster, past the Cenotaph in Whitehall which was unveiled in the same week, to be interred in Westminster Abbey “amongst the kings and queens”.

Today, it is as important as ever to commemorate the burial of the Unknown Warrior. This was an event that united a grieving nation; more than one million people visited the grave in the first week alone. In these challenging times, the values of heroism, self-sacrifice and love of one’s country, family and friends feel as relevant as ever.”

‘Abide With Me’ is available on Spotify, Amazon and iTunes and funds will go towards military causes and community causes in Westminster.


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