MPs Supporting Silver Sunday

Thank you to the 70+ MPs from ALL parties who have already pledged their support towards Silver Sunday and are working with their local constituency partners to create fun and free Silver Sunday events for their older constituents this October.

We are working hard to extend our reach and coverage of Silver Sunday across the UK, knowing what a difference our events can make to our older guests. We’ve been meeting with MPs to discuss the challenges the older populations in their constituencies face and asking how they can encourage their constituencies to work together to create Silver Sunday events this October. From rural isolation to urban barriers of culture and language, loneliness and social isolation take many forms and are deeply complex issues to address. Whilst some Silver Sunday hosts work hard year round to tackle these issues, others have limited contact with older people and use the day and weeks around to welcome older people into their lives, properties & organisations – opening doors that are otherwise closed.

Our ambition has always been to create a day in the nation’s hearts where older people feel valued and are given new opportunities to get out of the house, keep their minds and bodies active, learn new skills, make new friends and connect with the communities and generations around them.

Silver Sunday is also a powerful vehicle to draw attention to the problem of loneliness amongst older people and catalyse action across society, local authorities, businesses and the care and charitable sectors to create opportunities to bring people together. Our NLGN Blog “Silver Sunday: Community Catalyst & Collaboration Inspiration” describes quite how vital – and effective – this is.

This week is Loneliness Awareness Week and coincides with the government’s new campaign called #LetsTalkLoneliness to reduce the stigma around loneliness and promoting the importance of social connections. We encourage everyone inspired to do something to tackle loneliness in their communities to think about how they can get behind Silver Sunday this October. Now is the time to get planning!

We have produced a series of Toolkits & Guides this year to make it easier for communities to come together, celebrating older people and bringing people together this October. Visit our Resources page for our Information Pack, Event Toolkit, Logos, Templates as well as Guides for Charities, Community & Faith Groups, Cultural Institutions, Health Care Professionals, Libraries, Local Authorities, Residential Living & Care Homes, Schools, Youth & Scout Groups.

Help us fill our National Map with fun & free events celebrating older people this October. Everyone is welcome!


Silver Sunday