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Thank you to our supporters for all your help in spreading the word about Silver Sunday and inspiring the communities around them to get involved in Silver Sunday 2019. Do send us any stories you are happy for us to share. A selection of recent stories are here:

Silver Surfers: Silver Sunday 2019 is coming! – July 2019

Mid Sussex District Council: Council Grants Available For Silver Sunday Events – July 2019

Local Government Association: Map your events for Silver Sunday – June 2019 (p. 24)

Men’s Sheds:  Silver Sunday: An invitation to Men’s Sheds – June 2019 (p. 4)

Age UK London:  Silver Sunday: Sewing Seeds & Silver Linings – March 2019

New Local Government Network:  Silver Sunday: Community Catalyst & Collaboration Inspiration – March 2019

Thank you to numerous MPs for supporting Silver Sunday including Jon Cruddas MP, Julian Knight MP, Ben Bradley MP and Nick Herbert MP who have all published news articles in support.