Top Tips for a ‘socially-safe’ Silver Sunday 2020

We are continually amazed by all the energy and imagination that goes into creating events and activities for Silver Sunday. This year, despite the shadow of COVID-19, we are so excited to hear how plans are adapting and evolving to create safe ways of bringing people together to celebrate our National Day for Older People on Sunday 4th October.

We thought it would be helpful to draw together some ‘top tips’ for creating Silver Sunday events and activities for 2020, based on what you’ve been telling us and what we’ve discovered for ourselves.

  1. Just do it! Running a Silver Sunday event is always rewarding, spending time in the company of older people and the amazing people who want to be a part of the day.
  2. Follow government guidelines. Keep checking the latest guidance on social distancing and coronavirus safety measures in the run up to your event for EnglandWalesScotland and Northern Ireland.
  3. Plan your venue. We know many of the events this year are going to move outside, online or be redesigned to allow a 1-2m social distance inside.
  4. Plan your guest list. Make sure you have contact details for those attending your events in case you need to recontact them again after the event and of course make your contact details available to guests prior to the event to answer any questions or allay concerns before the event.
  5. Plan for last minute changes. Politely remind guests to get in touch to cancel if they develop symptoms before your event and ensure you can notify of any changes to your event, for example if performers or volunteers are able to join you or if the event needs to be cancelled or postponed.
  6. Plan entertainment. With social distancing, we are delighted to say many of our favourite events and activities like dance, exercise, walking, concerts, arts & craft are still able to go ahead! That said, it’s worth thinking about the impact new COVID-19 guidance will have on numbers of guests or the little details such as music sound volume if guests are still hoping to chat amongst themselves.
  7. Keep safe. Remember how important social distancing, hand-washing, hand-sanitiser, face masks and group sizing is when planning your event. Remember rules may be specific to your nation, business or venue or local lockdown.
  8. Plan your food & refreshments. Ensure a highest standard of food preparation and serving including disposable gloves.
  9. Planning transport. Think about partnering with a local taxi company who is ensuring high standards of care during COVID-19.
  10. Handshakes & hugs. Whilst we know how important this is for many, keep to the rules and save them for a later date, except for those in your bubble.
  11. Make it welcoming. Have a friendly welcoming face to greet your guests and explain safety measures and see how the guests are feeling.
  12. Appreciate differences. We love this idea for respecting varying levels of comfort regarding socialising – understanding some people may want more space than others.
  13. Have fun! That’s the most important thing. Whilst some measures may feel like an inconvenience they shouldn’t impact on the enjoyment had by all and the lasting memories you create from a happy day.
  14. Keep it going! You’re amazing doing this. Keep the connections going and growing.

What top tips do you have which you can share with us and others? We’d love to hear from you.


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