Registration is now open! Have a look and see what events are happening near you, and encourage your older family members, friends and their Carers to go along to something. Or volunteer at an activity – event organisers are often very grateful to have more help to make their events run smoothly.

We look forward to seeing lots more pins added over the coming months! 


Venue type

Fillongley Silver Saturday

5 October 2024 @ 7:00 pm
Fillongley Village Hall, CV7 8EQ
A music night with a “pick your own” disco. Light buffet provided. Bring your own drinks.
Fillongley Parish Council

Fillongley Silver Sunday

6 October 2024 @ 12:00 am
Fillongley Village Hall, CV7 8EQ
A fun afternoons entertainment. Followed by a ploughmans supper.
Fillongley Parish Council

Silver Sunday Tour at Marble Hill

6 October 2024 @ 1:00 pm
Marble Hill, TW1 2NL
National Silver Sunday events offer an opportunity to celebrate our older generation through providing events across the country to enable connection and an opportunity to meet other older people. Marble Hill are offering an chance to have a short historic landscape walk and a scone and tea on us as part of this amazing initiative. […]
Antony Lee
History, Tea/Coffee
Exploring Smithfield – Meat, Medicine, Monks and Martyrs

Exploring Smithfield – Meat, Medicine, Monks and Martyrs

6 October 2024 @ 2:30 pm
Farringdon Station forecourt, EC1M 6BY
Braveheart, peasant rebels, grave-snatchers, martyrs, plague pits, hangings, London’s raunchiest and most outrageous fairground and her most ancient hospital. Smithfield gives us a vivid glimpse of the sufferings and pleasures of old London. The walk takes in the Charterhouse, Smithfield Market, Cloth Fair, St Bartholomew the Great, Bart’s Hospital, St Sepulchre, the Old Bailey and […]
Richard Cohen
History, Outdoors, Senior Activities

Can’t see any events near you? All events are very generously run and funded by local organisations. We ask as many as groups as possible to take part and continue to grow and reach more older people every year. If you would like to see more or have an idea for an event that would welcome older people, ask your local Council or MP to put something on. Let us know any feedback at 


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