Over 1/5 of the population of the UK say they are often or always lonely and we know how important creating community connections is to address this challenge with all ages.

In early 2019, Silver Sunday joined the Loneliness Action Group. Founded by the British Red Cross and Co-Op in partnership with the Jo Cox Foundation, the group consisted of over 50 charities and organisations working with the government in tackling loneliness across UK society. In early 2020 Silver Sunday joined the Connection Coalition – a growing network of organisations united in the belief of building a better future for everyone by building connected communities.

Loneliness can – and does – affect all of us and we can all do simple actions to make life a little bit more enjoyable and welcoming for our older communities.  Silver Sunday may be just one day in the year but we are told time and time again how much of a difference it has in creating opportunities for new friendships, discoveries, sharing of skills and conversation. We are often told the volunteers and organisers have had just as much fun as all the guests. We hope you do too.

For more information on loneliness, for you or for those around you, we recommend the following helpful websites and resources:


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